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Environmentally Friendly Printing

Even in a digital age, printing is unavoidable regardless of whether at work or at home. A standard office printer can print upwards of 10,000 sheets annually, which translates to a significant environmental cost. The technology with eco-friendly printers have come a long way since its first models, but as consumers, we can also take action on sustainable printing.

Toner cartridge return program

Toner cartridges are the greatest waste produced by printers. More than 400 million cartridges are thrown out every year, about 12 per second. The cartridges are typically made up of plastic and metal, which are both limited resources of the planet. More often than not, it ends up in a landfill where its residual ink may leak to pollute its surroundings. Additionally, the cartridge itself can take upwards of 1000 years to degrade. Instead of dumping it in the landfill, Pacific Logic offers a return cartridge program upon purchase by collecting empty cartridges and sending it back to the manufacturers where they can be disassembled to make brand new toner cartridges. The cartridges are of the same quality as a new cartridge, unlike a refilled cartridge.

Use Laser Printers instead of Inkjet Printers

Although laser printers seem to be more expensive when it comes to purchasing, it is actually on par with inkjet printers. Besides, it is significantly cheaper to operate when it comes down to cost per page, toner is less expensive than ink. Toners also cannot dry up, hence its expiration date is rather long making it a great option for a less frequent printer. Inks, on the other hand, have strict expiration dates and can dry up easily if not used regularly. The overall speed and print quality of laser printers are also of higher standards.

Print double-sided (duplex printers)

Double-sided printing can cut down half of the amount of paper used. Most printers now offer duplex printing and investing in it can also eliminate paper costs in the long run.

Considering Multifunction Printers (all-in-one printers)

A multifunction printer (MFP) includes not only the option of printing but has the capability to copy, fax and scan; a preferred choice for most businesses. It is a combination of all the basic needs of a business and can not only save space and cost but help the environment as well, lowering the number of machine parts to be dumped into a landfill. Pacific Logic offers a variety of multifunction laser printer. Feel free to check it out!

Printer recycling

The most efficient way of getting rid of an old printer is simply to recycle them. Electronic equipment typically contains toxic substances and throwing it out normally can be very damaging to the environment. The Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong is implementing a waste electrical and electronic equipment producer responsibility scheme where the supplier is to take back any old electronics. Pacific Logic is a participant of this scheme since 2018, offering free removal services of any electrical equipment. The equipment collected will be delivered to a treatment and recycling facility which then will be refurbished to be donated or dismantled and removed in a controlled environment with the proper treatment, regulating the amount of e-waste produced. When purchasing new electronic equipment through Pacific Logic, we can help recycle your old equipment. A hassle-free solution to sustainable printing.

Enquiries It is ideal to find the best model for your needs. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact Pacific Logic!

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