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Since 1991, Lexmark has been a recognized and lauded leader in imaging and output solutions helping individuals and organizations improve processes and reduce costs. Lexmark products and services are available in more than 170 countries and is a global leader recognized by the technology industry’s leading market analyst firms.

Lexmark Authorised Services Provider 

Printer Maintenance

As a Lexmark Authorised Service Provider (LASP) in Hong Kong, we provide the following support services:

- Onsite Repair / Break and Fix Service

- Out of Maintenance Inspection

- Extended Warranty Service 

- Maintenance Contract Renewal

- Scrap / Relocation Service

Please call our services support centre at 2892-9938/ 2892-9919 for inquiry and price quotation.

Managed Print Services

Lexmark Managed Print Services

Our managed print services help businesses or individual users standardize and consolidate print and imaging devices to deliver one-time cost savings. A joint strategy developed together by Lexmark and Pacific Logic which can take businesses further through successive levels of engagement.


Level 1 - Optimize

We begin by aligning your devices with your business or mission—determining the right mix and placement of devices across your organization for greatest efficiency and user productivity. 


Level 2 - Manage

We then focus on the day-to-day management of your devices. Our continuous monitoring and proactive

support services maximize the availability of your assets and ensure that consumables

are efficiently managed across distributed locations. 


Level 3 - Improve

To help customers make further savings, wasteful or unnecessary printing can be curbed

by implementing proven output strategies for reducing print volumes.


Level 4 - Innovate

MPS is all about continuous improvement. By continually tracking and analyzing

your environment, the added value to our products lies in clever business process solutions.

A document management or workflow solution deployed to a subset

of your organization can significantly multiply productivity and accelerate ROI.

To understand more about what the managed print service can do for you, Please call our sales hotline at 2892-9928 for consultation. 

For all spare parts and maintenance kits,

please call our services support centre at 2892-9938/2892-9919 for technical support and price quotation.

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