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How Does Blue Light Affect Your Eyes?

We are exposed to far more blue light than we are supposed to, facing our digital devices 8 hours a day. Prior to the invention of artificial light, the sole source of blue light was the Sun. Even under the Sun, sunglasses are recommended to block out harmful rays. The same goes for our screens, if no protection is adopted, the amount of blue light we are exposed to can cause irreversible damage to our eyes.

What is blue light?

Blue light or blue wavelength is part of the spectrum of visible light. The visible light spectrum includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Red has a lower frequency which has less damage to our eyes while blue has a higher frequency increasing damage to our eyes. White light is a combination of all of the colors in the spectrum.

Does blue light from screens damage eyes?

Although the amount of blue light produced by the Sun is far more than the amount on our digital devices, it is the proximity that is concerning. The white light emitted from our digital devices consists of a large amount of blue light, causing long-term implications to our eyes. Children’s eye absorbs far more blue light than adults, making them easy targets for eye complications in their future.

What are the side effects of exposure to blue light?

Prolonged exposure to unnecessary blue light can cause eyestrain. Eyes may become sore, irritated, or have increased difficulty of focus. Additionally, it can lead to damaged retina cells which causes vision problems similar to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The damage can sometimes to be irreversible and possibly contribute to blindness.

How can we protect our eyes from blue light?

The most logical solution would be limiting screen time and increasing the proximity of screens to our eyes. Although it is inevitable for us to use digital devices like computer monitors, phones and tablets since most work is electronically based nowadays. To decrease the possible harm, there blue light filters available.

Is blue light filter good?

Of course, blue light filters are great for your eyes especially in regards to protection against the harmful wavelengths. It filters out blue light and reduces glare, subsequently reducing eye fatigue and any side effects. There is no excuse for not protecting your eyes, they are easy to use, install, and does not affect the screen quality. On the plus side, it also protects the screen from scratch dirt and dust.

Blue light filters can be purchased at Pacific Logic. If any inquiries arise, feel free to contact Pacific Logic.

Original post by Pacific Logic.

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