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Readiris Corporate 16 - ESD

Readiris Corporate 16 - ESD


Free yourself from paper.


  • Convert batches of documents, images or PDF files into editable documentsincluding searchable PDFs
  • Automate your recognition process thanks to watched folders
  • Compress searchable PDF files up to 50 times for optimized archiving and sharing
  • Create, edit and merge multipage PDF files
  • Sign and secure your PDF files
  • Back-up your documents in the Cloud including in professional applications such as
  • SharePoint and Therefore
  • Sort your files using document separation tools and barcodes
  • Access your smart documents from any computer, smartphone or tablet

Readiris™ Corporate 16 is the business-centric version of IRIS’ flagship OCR software. It was made to help SMBs and larger companies process information contained in paper and digital documents efficiently in order to share them within their organization and network.


Key benefits
Process batches of documents and reduce document processing times by splitting tasks over a multi-core workflow
Sort your files using document separation tools and barcodes
Add a separator like a blank page or a barcode between each document to tell the OCR software to create different output files from a single batch of documents.
Use watched folders to automate your workflow
Readiris™ Corporate 16 can monitor specific folders on a local drive, network or FTP server and automatically process any document placed in this specific location.
Connect to SharePoint, Therefore or FTP
Process documents directly into a network folder using an FTP connection or export them to the company’s intranet DMS such as SharePoint® or Therefore™ using Readiris™ 16’ built-in DMS connectors.
Index your documents
If you are using a document management system that handles index fields, you can either use Readiris™ Corporate 16 to fill them out using “Drag and drop OCR” or request an XML index file that contains detailed information about the processed document.
Sign your PDF files digitally
The PDF documents you generate with Readiris™ can be signed digitally. A digital signature identifies the person who created the PDF document; it authenticates the identity of the author, certifies a document and helps prevent unwanted changes to the PDF document.
Compress your documents for optimized archiving
Use IRIS’ patented hyper-compression technology (iHQC) to create PDF files up to 50 times smaller than their original size.
Extended support of PDF formats
Readiris™ Corporate 16 features an extended set of PDF creation tools including the support of PDF/A, Text-PDF, Text-image and PDF iHQC Level 2 & 3 for even lighter files.
Scan with MFPs and professional scanners
For small and medium businesses using multi-sheet feed scanners, MFPs or professional scanners, Readiris™ Corporate 16 is a first-class solution to handle the processing of incoming documents.

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