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How to Choose the Correct Toner for Your Printer?

Choosing between a Color and Black Toner Cartridge

The choice between color and black toner cartridges depends greatly depends on the ability of your printer. Monochromatic laser printers can only print in black and white, hence placing a black toner cartridge would be suitable. On the other hand Color laser printers can print in color which requires 4 toner cartridges; black, cyan, magenta and yellow, which can be purchased individually by each color of toner upon demand.

Knowing the Page-Yield

The page-yield is the number of pages printed with the toner cartridge which can be indicated on the packaging. Different models of cartridges offer different page yields. If the amount you print is not much, a smaller page yield would be suitable. However, if your print amount is a lot, considering a higher page yield (2000 pages or above) could be less costly. Factors that affect the page yield aside from the number of pages printer may include page coverage, paper size, fonts, usage frequency, and external factors such as temperature and humidity.

Finding the Most Economical Toner

Printers that are designed for commercial use typically offer a wider range of page-yield toner cartridges. High page yield cartridges are more economical in terms of cost per page printing. The cost can be double the amount when purchasing a lower page-yield cartridge. Some manufacturers like Lexmark offers a limited lifetime warranty on toner cartridges (excluding refills), hence there is no worry for buying a yield that is too high.

Consider a Return Program for Cartridges

Cartridges are made up of plastic and metal which are limited resources of the planet. When throwing it out, the remains end up in a landfill or incinerator and takes up to 1000 years to break apart. Residual ink left in the cartridge can also leak our and pollute its surroundings. Instead of dumping it in the landfill, Pacific Logic offers a return cartridge program when upon purchasing. We can help collect empty cartridges and send them back to the manufacturers where they disassemble the parts and reuse them to make brand new toner cartridges, significantly reducing environmental damage. The new cartridges are guaranteed to be of quality unlike from the ones which are re-filled. Contact us for more information!

Enquiring Prior to Purchasing

Don’t waste your money to purchase something you're unsure about. Feel free to contact Pacific Logic, our team is happy to help you learn more about the most suitable cartridges and printers for your needs.

Original post by Pacific Logic.

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