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Why is Secure Printing Important? Your printers may be a backdoor to your home and business’ securit

Cybercriminals are becoming more powerful, confidential information and data are at risk of being stolen, especially in printers and copiers, easily subjected to manipulation. Not taking action to enforce security is just like opening your front door to thieves.

Most corporations using laser printers and copiers connected to the internet or a network are a perfect entrance for a typical hacker. Some even have internal servers or routers, just like a normal computer which are prone to suffer from various security threats when not properly protected. Methods of accessing private information are becoming increasingly sophisticated, vulnerable areas in a typical workplace network include an optimal candidate of printers. The enhancement of security is needed to maintain the integrity of information assets in terms of storage, transmission and associated information systems. The potential cost of an IT security breach could go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly the company’s reputation.

A lack of protection in both the network and printer exposes the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. Most likely, the current printer in offices or homes are not secured, allowing easy hacking at any job and time; information can be compromised via the invisible back door. Additionally, looking over easy-fixes in vulnerable areas is vital in terms of protection. Hackers typically can gain access and control of a network printer accounts or passwords are still at default, outdated or unpatched operational systems, and the lack of physical control of security. Furthermore, unencrypted information, wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) and network protocols are also a gateway for hackers.

The deployment of proper security protection while printing includes setting printing control based on the context, requiring authentication prior to retrieval, applying watermarks to printouts and managing print activity. In retrospect, a simple solution would be upgrading to a printer with secured printing protection. A prime example would be Lexmark printers, which are secured by design, protecting the pathway between digital and hardcopy information. It ensures that the only authenticated and authorized users are allowed to access information. This is upheld in Lexmark printers since it includes a secure print release, Automatic Certificate Enrolment (ACE), contactless card authentication support, CAC/PIV and SIPR card authentication, secure content monitor and many more.

Printers can be purchased at the Pacific Logic website under Lexmark Printers. If any question arises, feel free to contact Pacific Logic.

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