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Color laser printers and MFPs with RFID programming

Maximize your RFID processes with a single do-it-all device.

RFID can do wonders for your production and shipping processes, but what if you could consolidate your RFID programming and label printing with a color laser printer or MFP? You may be managing a separate RFID tag programmer and label printer. Plus, typical thermal label printers limit the size of labels and materials you can print on and don’t support the added visibility of color.

Lexmark’s RFID capable printers and MFPs won’t change your RFID processes, but they will maximize your efficiency and increase the positive impact RFID can have on your organization.

RFID printer - CS725R & CX725R

Benefits of Lexmark RFID capable printers:

  • Reduced label/RFID mix ups: Printing labels or process documents and programming the RFID tag in one step on a single device eliminates mis-matches between the label and tag and reduces process steps for operators.

  • Speed location of assets: Large color labels with RFID tags doubles up your ability to find Work-in-Progress stored in yards, allows for real-time tracking in lot management software, or makes it easy to track down documents in archives.

  • Bigger labels for better visibility: RFID helps you track assets, but don’t settle for tiny labels. Lexmark RFID printers can handle media up to 8.5” x 14” for maximum visibility.

  • Device consolidation: When you combine RFID programming and label printing into a single device you spend less time and money on supplies and maintenance and reduce your IT burden.


Where RFID capable MFPs make a difference

  • Work-In-Progress (WIP): Cut out manual interventions and the line of sight challenges of barcodes.

  • Customization and reworks: When items are pulled out of the standard workflows they can get lost. RFID tags on large, colorful labels make those specialty work items easy to spot and track.

  • Lot or yard management: Finding the right pallet in a vast warehouse isn’t a needle in a haystack anymore. Large format, color labels with RFID tags makes it easy to find what you need.

  • Palletized finished goods: Adding RFID to your large format, colorful shipping and receiving labels could save time by replacing hand scanning.

  • Document security: Have to print sensitive documents? Track their location by programming RFID tags when you print them. Your check-in and out procedures mean more with tracking.

  • Offsite document archives: RFID tag specific documents or containers and speed up the paper chase when locating specific records at offsite document archives.


▶️BROCHURE Lexmark CX725R and CS725R Take a closer look at Lexmark’s line of RFID programming color printers and MFPs.

Source: Lexmark news

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